Easy way to learn…Flashcards

A world filled with fast-changing information, everyone of us from school children to even working adults need to know how to learn well. Evidence shows that most of us don’t use the learning techniques that science has proved effective. The most commonly used strategies of highlighting and rereading have proven less effective.

Cramming will allow you to get through the test but the information will soon disappear from your memory. It’s much more effective to go through the subject matter at regular intervals of time to be able to retain the information for a longer duration.

  • The benefits of flashcards would spare the students from hours of frustration.
  • Flashcards have been acknowledged by educational researchers as the fastest and easiest way to learn and remember new information.
  • Flashcards condense and simplify information.
  • Content is stripped down to its essence and placed in a format that is easy to read and understand.
  • Flashcards have multi-sensory appeal. Different colors can be used to keep it more interesting
  • Diagrams and pictures make it more appealing.
  • They can be carried around in your pocket for anytime revision.



Game, set, match..CramBuddy!

Looking at the same old textbooks over and over again? Tired of making notes constantly? We’ve got a solution for you. Mobitatva is out and about with a new app called “CramBuddy“.

The mobile gaming app exclusively for teens with gaming, quizzing and social networking. It is a balanced content of fun, frolick, sports and trivia along with academics covering a wide range of subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Physics and more. To keep it more interesting we’ve also covered the general knowledge topics.

Activities – Let the CB world know what you are up to and see what your friends are doing too.

 Shouts – Learn what your buddies are doing and stay ahead of the game.

Screams – We will keep you posted with the latest updates.

Quiz – These quiz packs will help you in your revision. Earn points and get rewarded. Try to stay ahead by challenging your buddies.

 Gangs – Make your own school gangs, tuition gangs and wage a gang war.

 Buddies – Game on together with your buddies and keep track of each other.

 Me – Create your profile and let the CB world know who you are.

So what you waiting for?? Lets get started!