Game Based Learning

      As mobile devices become more and more evolved, the users obtain a greater portion of their information from these devices. Game based learning establishes an architecture that enables a collaborative learning experience and environment.

     Games are not about entertainment or distraction anymore. We need to approach it with a different way of thinking, a different way of persuasion. Games are now becoming prevalent in every industry – particularly in education. Games are powerful tools for change and learning.

How can educators learn from the gaming industry and how they can apply that to learning?

Free to Learn, Free to Play

In schools and colleges, students have to absorb and apply knowledge to pass a test. But in gaming, players do so because they want to explore and progress ‘voluntarily’.

Failure is Most Certainly an Option – And It Is Encouraged

In gaming, players can try again and again if they are defeated. They don’t lose self-esteem. As we re-attempt it, we definitely identify gaps in the knowledge, understand the system a little better so that we can start to develop ‘strategies’ and eventually overcome the challenge. If students are given the same opportunity to learn, they will develop their understanding at a deeper level.

Games Allow for a Level of Abstraction

Sometimes learning becomes a by-product of a game. Gamers are explicit in their learning objectives. Traditional education systems don’t allow much for abstraction. They pretty much have no choice. However, gamers aren’t so limited. They incorporate images, metaphors and ideas to help communicate concepts. They are well known for abstracting complex issues.

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