What we always have with us now is a smartphone. As a training guide that gives them an opportunity to help students learn better. What they wanted right from the beginning since they became trainers was to answer questions when students asked one.

Now they have the opportunity to design things, that can answer any question when they need it. It acts like a performance support that helps them when they actually need it. Now if students have to learn anything they visit Google and type in their question. Students look out for simple text based answer, straight-forward points to help remember them easily. That’s where we come in.

CramBuddy‘ looks at what a student wants, how they want it and what more can we do to contribute to make their education days much more simpler.

We help to change the trend of breaking out of developing everything that is an e-learning course and get into job aid suffices. So this in a way is helping the trainers too. This is one way to get rid of paper material, we spend so much on printing and textbooks seem too heavy to carry around these days. But with technology booming everywhere it has become cheaper than paper. It opens a whole new world of education using the smartphone thus introducing m-learning.

CramBuddy is all about giving you ready, easy, point-based notes in a flashcard based system. Great way of studying, revising and to keep it interesting we’ve added in a bit of fun element too. You can quiz yourself and also challenge your friends. Add your friends and make groups to do your combined studies.

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