Active Recall Learning

An interesting question to ask is ‘What is the best way to actually study?

You have your information, you receive the notes or you write down the points in class. Now how do you study it when you have an exam coming up?

One big mistake students make is reviewing passively the same information again and again or see if they can regurgitate it from their memory. This is actually a terrible way to review or revise information for a test. If you find yourself highlighting notes or reading your textbook over and over again quietly to yourself, then your doing something wrong. Your studying inefficiently.

Students with high grades, they approach the task of studying in a completely different way. When they study a material, they learn it in a way they are like professionals themselves. The way they learn it is the way they lecture it.

If you can teach a concept to someone teach it out loud then it shows that you have really understood the concept. That’s an important way to cement information into your mind.

Avoid passive reviews and always turn towards active recall learning.

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