Fostering Creativity

Creative education is fostered by :

  • Student-centered classroom
  • Exposure to various learning strategies
  • Active participation
  • Self – management

One must not only grasp just the information but learn to cultivate comprehension, analysis and evaluate skills of their own. Higher over-thinking improves independent learning, thinking and creativity. CramBuddy is here to foster a creative mindset for it’s students by providing an “Active Recall Learning” system. It is a mobile based gaming, quizzing and social networking app. A new spark in your educational experience, interaction with buddies, challenging them and winning scores and rewards all the way.

If a student wants to have a quick glance at his notes, CramBuddy does the job just right. Without the composition to constantly create something new, cultural evolution would cease to exist. Students have a number of responsibilities in the classroom –  take notes in class and be creative also. Teachers need to help students separate work from consumption. m-Learning has bought education options in varying ranges of affordability to a much wider audience. Fostering Creativity 

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

m-Learning allow learners to take control of their own learning – thereby enabling all teachers to enact a learn-by-doing, inquiry-directed the method and practice of teaching in their classrooms.